Sewing Solutions Catered to You

We are a cut and sew operation in sunny Orlando Florida. We work with business in all phases, from developing products to large quantity orders. Our focus and specialty is sports apparel from start to finish. We have the capability to create your patterns, and cut and sew with 65 sewers on staff.
We also have the capability to create custom printed fabric through dye sublimation capabilities. This includes collegiate licensing for college themed prints.
We are excited to learn about your product, contact us today!


We are happy to help modify your idea within our professional scope. Contact us today with your concepts, and we will create a package to bring your new or upgraded product to life.


Bespoke Stitchery creates traditional paper patterns, and offers digital copies upon request (digital copies are NOT Gerber compatible, but a computerized file for wide format printing).


We have relationships for the following products, and stock them regularly for production: -Dye sublimation polyesters -Cotton twill -PVC backed vinyl We are also happy to offer sourcing services at our discretion, based on the fabrics requested.


Our traditional sample making process involves 4 phases that yield 8 samples total. In this process, we build one sample and send it to you for review. We then make a second sample based on feedback and revisions. This is given to you for review. Usually we have the process down at this time. Three samples are made simultaneously as a time study to finalize the logistics and assembly structure of your product. A second time study of three more samples is done to make sure the production process is consistent. If we have never made this product before, a unit price is yielded from the process of making the last three samples. This sample making process can be flexible according to your needs.


These factories will mass produce your designs.