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Dear Jewelry Designer/Jeweler:

The following is a list of services that CHARLTON & LOLA is offering to the trade:

Model Maker
Special Orders & Designs
CAD Design & Illustrations
Jewelry Repairs
Complete Service in Platinum, Gold & Silver
Duplicate lost pieces
Expert stone setting, channel, pavé, burnish, bezels, etc.
Rhodium, Sandblast, Satin & Gold Plate
Bead Jewelry Production
Sourcing Gemstones (Precious & Semi-Precious), Crystals & Beads


Lisa A. Owusu, Owner


We can help jewelry designers with design and creating a piece of jewelry from sketch and illustrations to creating wax or metal molds of a design piece.


We have access to wholesellers in stones, gemstones and pearls.


We can help with creating molds or introductions to CAD Designers in the Diamond District.


Yes, we can assist with small batch productions if the client already has the molds and assembly instructions.