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Dear Jewelry Designer/Jeweler:

The following is a list of services that CHARLTON & LOLA is offering to the trade:

Model Maker
Special Orders & Designs
CAD Design & Illustrations
Jewelry Repairs
Complete Service in Platinum, Gold & Silver
Duplicate lost pieces
Expert stone setting, channel, pavé, burnish, bezels, etc.
Rhodium, Sandblast, Satin & Gold Plate
Bead Jewelry Production
Sourcing Gemstones (Precious & Semi-Precious), Crystals & Beads


Lisa A. Owusu, Owner


I can help jewelry designers with design and creating a piece of jewelry from sketch and illustrations to creating wax or metal molds of a design piece.


I have access to wholesellers in stones, gemstones and pearls.


I can help with creating molds or introductions to CAD Designers in the Diamond District.