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One-Stop, Full Operation
C&SK Fashion Inc. is a sample & production apparel factory that performs one-stop service from pattern making and sample development to production. The production line is available from one piece to mass production.
With over 25 years of experience, C&SK Fashion Inc. helps emerging and established designers make their ideas into reality.

The couture-level of Quality
C&SK Fashion Inc. has very skillful pattern makers cutters and sewers, who have more than 40 years of experience, to enrich the quality and reduce the lead time.
“We guarantee our customers to meet the highest quality on time with Happy”
”" SK Choi

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C&SK Fashion Inc. will help your project from whatever starting point you need. C&SK Fashion Inc. not only brings special care to their work but also advises on design direction with great care and professionalism.


Pattern-making is the primary preparation for creating a cut-and-sew woven garment. We create pattern and muslin as our client request. After we develop the first pattern, we make a sample with muslin and see if it’s perfectly fit to a model or a form. We correct the first pattern after fitting based on what our customers desire.


After correcting the pattern, we make a sample with intended actual fabrics and trims.


DIGITAL PROGRAM GRADING & MARKING Pattern grading is an essential part of pattern making. It decides how patterns increase or decrease sizes. With our DIGITAL PROGRAM system, “Gerber” and “Yuka”, we can perform grading and marking. We offer ease of performing grading and marking to our customers with professionalism.


After correcting the pattern, we make a sample with intended actual fabrics and trims. C&SK FASHION has worked with a diverse variety of designers, including many well established high-end designers, and many designers that have shown at international trade shows.