We offer design services: custom fashion designs, pattern making,flat pattern drafting/cad patterns, samples, seamstress, tech packs. Our concept is to bring your fashion vision to reality.

DPS is for the upcoming designer at all stages of the process. The client that wants a custom outfit.

Our clients will be guided through the process of concept sketches, fabric choices, pattern making, and construction of the finish garment.

DPS is known for great service and also in going the extra mile. Every piece will be held at the highest regards." Let DPS. be your fashion dream catcher."

Equipment & Machinery:


DPS serves in the creative process when the clients idea is a thought. We assist with technical flats/illustrations and branding to ensure the idea is well communicated from the designers vision to reality.


Yes, we assist in pattern making digital or flat patterns.


Yes. We have a great fabric and notion source.


Once the designers vision has been developed from concept to patterns. We create prototypes or 1st samples. Depending on the process the designer wishes to proceed.


Yes, we have the ability to grade pattern, markers to 1st samples also 1st production runs.


These factories will mass produce your designs.