Red Carpet Fashion Designer-LANTIE FOSTER-Assisting Clients Develop Collections From Idea Sketch To First Sample.

New on MR! Top freelance fashion design/manufacture services led by an award winning fashion designer/director-LANTIE FOSTER based in NYC, working global. We focus mainly on the women's upscale market & as a result, our clients designs have been featured on the Hollywood Red Carpet and in numerous fashion editorials. Beautiful business attire, evening wear, uniforms for private jet companies, posh hotels & luxury loungewear. We are always working on something different & we love that! Over 12+ years experience creating our own collections & working with the best NY fabric resources, pattern makers & sewers here for all our clients.... (more)


Hello, I'm the creative director - Lantie Foster. - I personally oversee the creative theme of your collection. Please check out the reference samples tab above to see how we lay everything out for you..:) A lil' about me as your award winning creative designer - Over 12+ professional fashion design experience, designs for clients featured on the Hollywood Red Carpet, created numerous collections of over 120 styles, highly artistic, a resident of NYC Gramercy Park for 20+ years, an ex-Girl Scout, a li’ bit of a tech geek, graduated first in class for fashion design from TWO different design schools, F.I.T, NYC, and Brooks College, Ca.- chosen out of over 22,000 design applicants to compete on the T.V. show Project Runway. Personal designs worn by clients for the Oscars, premieres & featured in fashion editorials.


PHASE #4 – INDUSTRY PATTERNS, MUSLINS, FITTINGS.- Sleek, tailored beautiful fitting garments are our specialty. We use experienced New York pattern makers each tested by us personally. Starting from a list of over 30+ patternmakers, we have edited that list down to only the best for the job. We pair up the best pattern makers specifically for your designs. Some pattern makers are better for women’s dresses and some are better for suits, pants, athletic wear or loungewear etc. We have already tested these experienced pattern makers for you so this will save you the stress, money and time.


Here in NYC, We Are Surrounded By Anything & Everything You Could Possibly Imagine Which Triggers Our Artistic Antennas. Everything You Need To Create A Dynamic Collection Is Within 5 City Blocks. There Is No Place Like This In The World For Your Vision, Creativity & Drive. We will assist you in sourcing some of the top fabrics NYC has to offer. We will provide you with a variety of fabric swatches to assist you in choosing the right type of fabrics which will go best with your designs.


PHASE #5 – SEWING 1ST SAMPLES - We match up the best experienced sewers for your garments. For example, If your designs are delicate silk, we know the best people who have experience sewing silk. If they are linen/cotton, we use the best sewers for that, etc, etc.


We strongly advise producing your first samples here in NYC if you are just starting out & we can assist you with small production units.