Korchmar produces everything it sells since 1917

Korchmar is a 4 generation family manufacturing company, founded in 1917 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Korchmar manufactures the worlds finest travel bags, business bags, luggage and travel accessories in the world. Korchmar operates two factories, in Naples, Florida and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Korchmar designs, manufactures, distributes and markets it's own Korchmar brands and produces on a contract basis for major luxury brands.


We offer the input of our designer with 35 years experience.


We employ 4 full time pattern makers


We offer full package production that includes material sourcing and purchasing or work with clients who provide all or some % of the raw materials.


Yes, our PD department has 4 full time pattern makers and 8 full time sample makers.


Yes. Our engineering department provides quotations for all needed tooling and production engineering.


Yes, our factory has over 300 operators to support our clients production needs.