Custom Laser Cutting & Engraving Based In Northern Virginia

LaserThing started by making acrylic quilting templates on a shared laser cutter in early 2015. The original templates were for a relative who is an avid quilter. After discovering how popular these were among quilters, LaserThing started selling these online. Since then, production has increased drastically and processes have been established to ensure customers receive the highest quality products at the best prices. We own all of our own machinery.

LaserThing takes custom orders for all types of laser engraving and cutting jobs in media such as acrylic, wood, leather, plywood, cardboard, glass, and many others. ... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


I can help brainstorm and provide product ideas if you do not know what you are looking for. Often times, the designers are not familiar with what is possible, I can help bridge that gap.


I do assist in minimal pattern-making, although I am not a pattern-maker by trade. I use Adobe illustrator for most of my work.


I provide all materials for each project.


I do create samples on request.


I do mass produce products. Quantities depend on the size of the piece, but I have done many orders in the 1,000 pcs to 10,000 pcs range. I also make one off custom orders on a regular basis.