Made In The Heart Of Los Angeles

Lefty Production Co. is a single stop design house and garment and accessories manufacturer based in the garment district of Los Angeles. We help startup and mature fashion and accessory brands through fabric, trim and materials sourcing, labels, branding, pattern making, sample making, sample duplicates, fittings, revisions, marking & grading, cutting, production and even packing.

From our many years in the fashion industry, we know how challenging and maddening it is to find reliable and honest production partners as well as vendors. We have learned our lessons the hard way from first hand experience and now have the opportunity... (more)



Lefty Production Co. is the one-stop shop for your consulting, design, sourcing, and production needs. Whether you are based in LA or need our services from across the country, we can help you develop your designs. We'll start off by getting acquainted with your experience, personality, vision and particular needs. From there we'll work alongside you, fine-tuning your designs every step of the way until they come to life. We also have created a fantastic network of outside service providers who can offer services such as silk screening, garment dying and embellishing at affordable prices.


With years of pattern-making experience, our in-house pattern maker can do it all. The only thing we wish is that we could have a clone of her! She has a keen eye for detail and fit, and as she works alongside our sample maker, she makes sure every pattern and sample is to your satisfaction and delight.


One of the many benefits of working with us is that we are able to offer sourcing for the highest quality materials and services in the region, and at good prices from reliable vendors. This only comes from the years we have spent navigating the notoriously difficult Los Angeles fashion district.


Whatever your brand needs in a sample- we can deliver it. We can also create duplicate samples for trade shows and showrooms. Our amazing sample maker has been in the business so long, it wouldn't be polite to say. She is a veteran at making all types of clothing and home goods. She specializes in children's wear, women's wear, menswear, activewear, lingerie and costumes. There's no fabric or sewing machine she can't handle. She works tirelessly with our pattern maker to find the best sewing solutions to bring your garment to life.


We handle all your marking and grading needs and prepare your patterns so they are production-ready. We make this complicated process easy for you.


We provide a one-stop shop for your production needs. We have a cutting service in house, as well as teams that will sew, finish, and pack your orders. Every step of the way, we are here to see that your vision is carried out as seamlessly and successfully as possible.