Offering organic reusable products for your home.

A family owned business dedicated to providing quality, organic ECO-friendly 'reusable' products, such as organic coffee filters, organic nut milk bags, and organic unpaper towels.

Current ORGANIC 'GOTS certified reusable' products available are
• tea bags
• coffee filters
• facial cloths
• facial rounds
• nut milk bags
• cheese straining cloths
• unpaper towels
• sandwich and snack bags
• handkerchiefs

Fabrics we currently use:
• organic unbleached cotton griege muslin
• organic unbleached cotton muslin
• organic unbleached cotton birdseye
• organic unbleached cotton flannel

Threads we currently use:
• organic unbleached cotton thread
• polyester thread in a variety of colours

We ship within the USA, Canada and overseas.


We will work with the client to help them with their needs.


Pattern makers will make a blueprint of your idea. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


We work with organic cotton fabric and are open to helping find other fabrics the client is in need of.


we can send samples.


We are open to producing in bulk.