We help your brand grow flawlessly, offering the highest quality

Located in Redhook/Brooklyn, we produce leather goods, canvas and fabric products. We basically design and fabricate leather bags, pouches and small leather goods like wallets and purses.
We work with almost all leather types except furs and reptile skins and various heavy and light canvas and linen fabrics.
Our studio offers most machinery and tools required for a proper production process, such as heavy duty compound feed industrial sewing machines, precision flat-bed sewing machines, and other tools like leather splitting machines, leather skiving machines, die-cutting press machines, hand tools and everything.
We're proud to offer in house design work employing 3D... (more)


As the two founders of this small batch manufacturing studio, we have a solid design&development background, improving the design work is part of our daily work when dealing with new projects/clients. We also offer the option of employing design professionals depending on the scope and requirements of each project.


We have in house skills and professional personnel for pattern making.


We do create samples for every single project to stay on the safe side. Sample making for mostly small businesses and some big brands is a big part of our business.


We do offer tooling and production preparation. We also have access to other neighboring factories to help us with the speciality processes if we can't handle them in our studio for any reason.


We mass produce products.