We help your brand grow, producing high quality leather goods for you here in New York-Brooklyn

Located in Redhook/Brooklyn, we produce leather goods, canvas and fabric products. We basically work on leather bags, pouches and small leather goods like wallets and purses.
We work with almost all leather types and various heavy-duty and linen fabrics.
Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs who represent their brands on many widely known online shops and on foot stores in USA and abroad.
Our studio offers most machinery and tools required for a proper production process, such as heavy duty industrial sewing machines, precision falt-bed sewing machines, and other tools like leather splitters, punch-grommet machines, hand tools and all.
We're proud to have inhouse design... (more)


As the two founders of this small batch manufacturing studio, we have a solid design&development background, we're pretty comfortable and skilled in improving the design work. Depending on the project we also offer the option of employing additional design professionals depending on the scope and requirements of the project.


We have the inhouse skills for pattern making.


We do create samples basically for every single project to make sure we're on the same page with our clients.


We do offer toolin and production preparation. We also have access to other neighboring factories to help us with the speciality processes if we can't handle it in our studio.


We mass produce products with limits depending on the complexity of the product. Just to give an insight we have a capacity of around 900 bags per month.