digital pattern making + technical design+tech packs

Digital pattern making, plotting, research and development, technical design, Production, Marking, grading, Time and Action Calendars, Fashion apparel solutions, 3D fit model simulation, Accurate fabric yields, technical packages.

From initial first pattern creation, to improving your own first patterns, we will execute the perfect digital slopers and patterns within a fraction of the time as traditional processes utilizing 3D simulation.

1. Cut down on sample over development, and add to your bottom line.

2. Standardized technical packages, measurement sheets, bill of materials, and detailed stitching methods.

3. Dynamic sourcing strategies and vendor optimization.

4. Time and action calendars customized and truncated.... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


Help to define design inspirations, concepts, and colorways.


Create initial first patterns from designer's sketches and inspirations, to pattern fit corrections, and bulk production grading and marking.


We create bulk production markers and grading.