Design, Sample, and Production House

Our shop specializes in bag design and production, focusing on canvas and leather for materials. We source domestically whenever possible, but are able to work with overseas factories. We are a small, boutique, factory and focus on quality over quantity.

We offer consulting services for individuals or brands looking to edge into the Made in USA marketplace. We go over brand identity, simplified sourcing, market placement, bill of materials assessments, and much more.

We offer photo and video services in-house for clients in need.


We work with our clients very closely to take their ideas further than the drawing board. Whether it's an idea in their mind, on a napkin, or digital file we take it and make it pattern ready.


We make digital and physical patterns in house. Take your pattern with you to any manufacturer with our tech pack and watch the lines and numbers turn into a physical product.


Sample making is our favorite part of the manufacturing process. Seeing an idea turn into a tangible product is an amazing feeling, and we want to share that feeling with our clients. We need a pattern to do samples, and if you don't have one, we have your back. We offer those services as well.


We handle most production in house. We focus on quality over quantity. If you want your product to come out perfect each time, send us an email. We specialize in small batch manufacturing.