Cut costs, save time & simplify your production.

Having trouble communicating with your factory? START PRODUCTION THE RIGHT WAY.
We help start-up fashion brands and design entrepreneurs get to finished sample stage as efficiently as possible with our tech packs.

- Create a 100% accurate blueprint of your garment now to prevent expensive errors down the line.
- Keep sample making costs to a minimum!
- Save time! Decrease your product development schedule.
- Speed to market has never been more important than now. Increase yours!
- Not sure about thread types, seam classifications and fabric printing methods? We are!
- We will advise you on... (more)



We can help you refine your product idea with a tech pack. A technical package, also known as a tech pack or spec sheet, is a blueprint of your product that is commonly used in the fashion industry. It will communicate to your factory the necessary components and construction methods needed for production. Make sure your idea is fully developed before production to avoid expensive mistakes, reduce your sampling costs and increase your speed to market.