Design for fashion businesses

I provide services to help new and established apparel companies develop successful product lines. I am able to apply my 10 years of wide ranging experience in the fashion industry to help you to cost-effectively bring your ideas to life. I specialize in apparel design and graphics.

Many people email me asking for pricing, and I cannot quote specifically without a more detailed conversation. Just as a rule of thumb, however, design and development costs per style usually are in the $300 - $700 range, depending on how complex the style is, and how many fit samples are required. ... (more)


I take your ideas, inspirational materials, and current trends, and put them together into a unique, salable product.


I take the technical sketches, created either by me through our design process, and use them to create the first patterns. The second step is to do a fitting on a fit model, depending on the customer, and then to do pattern revisions as necessary. The amount of fittings and revisions depends on the product. For example, denim may require many fittings and revisions, but a beach coverup may be great without revisions!


I only create samples as part of a development package, I do not sew from others' patterns. I do not do production sewing.