Leather Goods, Sample Making, Belts, Totes, Clutch. Bracelets, Sandals, Purses, Bags.

Trendy Accessories is a high-end leather handbag and accessories manufacturer located in New York, NY. Having been in business for 25 years we house the most updated machinery in the city, and our group of professionals all have at least 10 years or more of experience in the industry.

We specialize in leather handbags, totes, wallets, belts, clutches, bracelets, sandals, suitcases, dog accessories made in house. At Trendy Accessories, the customer always comes first and we are dedicated to quality and creating the best products for each customer.

We do patterns, samples, and production. If you need patterns made... (more)


Our number one goal is to make the best products for our clients at all times. We can take any image, drawing, or sketch and work from there until we've perfected your idea. We are also more than happy to help you improve upon your idea or design based off our years of experience to create the best product we can for you.


We have two professional pattern makers on premises at all times. They will make a blueprint of the sample which we will use to make your sample and die cuts for production. Patterns can be made within 2-3 days.


Yes, we can make any custom ornaments for your leather accessories, and help source fabric and hardware.


With our decades of expertise, we can make a high-quality sample of your product that will meet your specifications and standards.


We have established connections with die manufacturers in the New York area and we can negotiate good prices for you. In addition to patterns, we also do full production for products. Our Facility has top of the line machinery and we are completely equipped for production.


Our production quality is very high (same as our sample quality). We take pride in each product that we produce and make. Using die cutting and our guillotine, we are able to work faster, with a quicker turn around time to create your perfect product. Over the years, our costumers that we have done samples for have come back with big production orders that are now capable of producing for them with the same high-quality and dedication we give to each individual sample.