Innovative Design, Outstanding Fabrication

2point5 is an Atlanta based full-service design and fabrication studio. We specialize in small-scale production - typically between 1 and 1000 pieces, but can take you all the way to large scale manufacturing if that's the goal. From concept to finished product, we have the people and the tools to make your idea a reality.

Our offices feature a design firm up front with a prototyping and manufacturing space in the back. This allows us to test your ideas just a few steps from our offices. We can ideate, design, create and quickly refine prototypes until we achieve a design... (more)


Whether you have a prototype or just an idea, we can help you develop your project to take it from a sketch to reality. Our designers and fabricators work together to concept and produce high quality prototypes, pre-production models, and ready to ship manufactured products.


Our location is close to some of the largest material distributors and wholesalers in the country. We have vendor relationships and can source any wood, plastic, foam, metal, fabric, leather, etc for your projects.


Combining digital fabrication tools and techniques with good old-fashioned handwork, we truly can create anything. Our facility features a full wood shop, two CNC machines, laser cutter, vacuum forming, pressure and vacuum casting, 3D scanning and much more. We can also help with 3D printing, fiberglass molding/casting, CNC aluminum milling, letterpress, die cutting, sewing, painting, powdercoating, welding, etc. If you have an idea, we can without a doubt bring it into the real world for you to touch, admire, and sell.


With a number of manufactured products under our belts, we can bring your prototype into the digital domain to prepare it for production at small to large volumes. Using this, we can create urethane, silicone, wood, plastic and foam molds or bucks in-house for fiberglass or urethane casting, or can prep your product for manufacturing using steel tooling or dies.


2point5 is tightly focused on the high-quality production of tangible, complex products in the 1-1000 piece range. Once an idea and prototype are approved, we quickly move into the production phase, poring over every detail to make sure we are using the right materials, processes and tools to create your product. With nearly every type of machine, tool or process at our disposal, we don't miss even the tiniest of details to make sure that your finished product - even at quantity - is perfectly and efficiently executed.