Transforming Ideas Into Products

3D Nation is a company committed to transforming product ideas into real-life product prototypes. We aim to make beautiful, cost-effective prototyping within reach of anyone who has an idea and the desire to see it in three dimensions. Our team of expert product designers and engineers is passionate about bringing this service to everyone: inventors and entrepreneurs who want to test out a product idea, business owners in search of a new product, interior designers whose clients request custom decor ”" the list has no end! Our transparent pricing system means you know exactly how much product design will cost,... (more)


We specialize in taking general descriptions - whether verbal, written, or sketched - of small-to-mid-sized products and transforming them into complete 3D CAD files. Call us today to speak with a product designer who can give you the advice you need to hash out an idea and home in on a solution. Initial consultations are free and are kept completely confidential. Our team is also experienced in running Kickstarter campaigns, so we can provide campaign consulting or campaign management should you want to take a product to market.


3D Nation's product designers and engineers are experts at creating 3D CAD files of small-to-mid-size products. We specialize in designing products that, as a general rule, can be held with two hands. Cups, cutlery, cameras, and coffee makers are all fair game. Couches, cars, canopies, and compressors, being large, heavy, excessively complicated, or a combination of all three, are outside our range.


Our proprietary 3D printers and partnerships with 3D printing bureaus allow us to quickly and cheaply produce a prototype of your product idea. We can produce as many iterations as are necessary to arrive at the desired product geometry. 3D-printed samples are often made of ABS or PLA plastic, which are a durable and cost-effective choice. We can also 3D-print multi-colored products, in which case the model will be composed of a powder-based resin.