Goods for the exceptional and the humorous.

We're John and Thea. We run a mom and pop laser cutting, engraving, manufacturing and retail shop in the Great Pacific Northwest. We doodle, play with lasers, get knee deep in saw dust and paints, do some domestic stuff like garden and parent children and in our spare time we indulge in some geeky stuff. We take pride in using American made materials, resources and machines. We also focus on using recycled materials like reclaimed wood from building salvage. We are hands on with our products. We hand clean, sand, paint, stain and package our products ourselves. We even create... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


We offer design services or design refining services to produce products more efficiently and precisely.


We offer prototyping services. We feel it's best to do tests on product ideas before going all in.


We're laser cutters! We love having our machine doing what it was meant to do - cutting and engraving. The more it makes the lesser the cost it is to our customers.