Mill to direct vertical manufacturer for men's knits and fashion basic blanks.

Established since 1996, Fantasy Activewear is one of the industry's largest production manufacturers for private labels and premier brands.

With headquarters based just south of Downtown Los Angeles, we knit the finest and softest fabric right here in the US. Stocking over 8 million fashion basics, we are your go-to source for immediate “blanks” to help build your brand.

Based on your needs, our vertically integrated process starts at our in-house laboratory where we develop and test your custom colors. Starting with the finest raw yarns, from spinning to knitting and dying, our premium fabrics are KAFTA certified, Made... (more)


Our laboratory will work with you to test and create lab-dips for your custom color. Want to collaborate on development? Our design team works with CAD and will check each item in your tech packs. Our full package services will handle everything from the start of knitting yarn into fabric and dyeing, to cutting and sewing, and of course printing, finishing, and packing with all of your brand's trims. We execute all of your manufacturing needs and deliver at the shortest turn-around rate with production factories.


With 19 years of industry knowledge and expertise, we make sure your custom fit is perfect from the start.


We can work with you in a full package private label program, or if you want immediate and direct "blanks" we stock 8 million fashion basics to help you build your brand.