Producing for the artisans and small business

A Common Home is a collection of artisans, companies, and individuals focused on a common desire to building benefits that extend beyond the product and into the home. We focus on the end result beyond profits and partner with organizations dedicated to providing stability to people in need, to aspiring artists, and entrepreneurial companies. We search for artisans that create products unique in design, companies that build cultures that foster a shared responsibility to community building, and people that want to know a purchase goes beyond selfish pleasure and provides benefit to others as well. We focus on the home... (more)


We have a team of designers available to help in development and refinement of products


We are able to coordinate the development of samples at reasonable rates.


We produce products, but focus on low MOQ's (minimum order quantities) and do not focus on the mass market; rather, we focus on small and mid sized businesses looking for quality, value, and quick turn.