Independent studio specialising in design and development of furniture and furniture related products.

Alexander Smith is a furniture designer based in the U.K. & U.S.A. with over 12 years experience in the design and management of residential, office, contract, bespoke and retail furniture projects.

Alexander's strength lies in simple clean design, technical understanding, knowledge of production processes and relationships with a range of dedicated and excellent manufacturers.

Alexander takes pride in seeing a project all the way from consultation to completion, providing clients with the very best service and enabling manufacturers to do their best work.

The design studio, based in New York City currently services clients and partners on both sides of the Atlantic.

Equipment & Machinery:


Alexander is happy to take an initial brief and provide creative design input through rough sketch development, simple 3D CAD sketch models, partially and fully engineered 3D CAD, and visual renders. Animations and moving illustrations are not provided but can be outsourced. If you already have an idea of what you want and some existing design direction Alexander is happy to help you develop it further. Alexander advises on best production processes, materials and engineering and will liaise with your factory on your behalf to ensure that the technical design direction is appropriate for your job.


Alexander provides 3D and 2D drafting services using an industry standard software with fully legally owned licences called Solidworks. Using Solidworks allows Alexander to work on your product in 3D creating infinitely accurate CAD models and representations of your design. Solidworks also allows 2D engineering packs of drafted drawings to be produced and distributed to factories for quotation, prototyping and production. As the owner of your intellectual property, the 2D drawing pack ultimately becomes one of your most important assets. It acts as a control mechanism and reference, providing a formal documentation of the standards to which your product must be produced, providing a reference so that you can control and protect the quality of your design. If attempting to design register or patent your design, a drawing pack is essential and is one of the best ways to prove the ownership of you intellectual property. Solidworks also allows for output in many other 3D and 2D formats which can be used for programming CNC machines, digital rendering and much more, streamlining and integrating with your manufacturers processes.