Welcome Makers in Maryland

We are a 16,000 sq ft apparel production facility in Laurel, Maryland with special expertise in women's art clothing. We provide design assistance, pattern making, sourcing of materials, first sampling, grading to 8 sizes, salesman's samples, cutting, sewing, inspection, and labeling.


We assist by sketching ideas as described to us. We help clarify the designers priorities including purpose, function and fashion elements. We have an in-house photography studio and a photo shop facility on site. We have access to a full range of attractive and outgoing models to help present the designers idea.


We assist pattern making including making flat patterns to achieve very odd three dimensional shapes. With clothing we help the designer settle on a size and shape of their desired customer base and guide them through the process of choosing to produce multiple sizes vs a single size product.


We stock over one thousand different fabrics and have access to a good variety of suppliers in the US and many abroad. We carry over 40,000 yards of fabric in our facility. We sell materials for initial sampling and are sometimes able to sell materials for small runs of under 100 units. We assist in the selection and sourcing of materials that will achieve the desired result efficiently.


We create a first samples with our talented 'first pattern' makers, and creative flexible 'first sample' machinists. We then make a refined 'fit sample', and then make multiple sales samples as required.


We use only basic industrial cutting and sewing machines. We will guide the designer to other resources as required. We do work with the designer to help them make the decision whether or not and how to adjust their pattern to create efficient large 'production markers'.


We mostly do production runs of approximately 100 units. We also do runs of 1000 units and above. We would recommend off shore production at that point to keep the price low, unless our reliability and speed is more important than a low price.