Professional Pattern Development

Professional pattern development, grading, digitizing and marker making for women, men's and children's wear.


I help refine your product idea by suggesting a variety of construction methods that can either save production costs and/or improve function of your product. My experience with industrial sewing equipment, seam types and finishes allows me to make recommendations custom to your designs' fabrication and function.


I have been a professional pattern maker for many years. A good pattern is the beginning of a great product. Pattern development is custom to the design, materials and body type of your target market. It is necessary to have a base size pattern with good balance on the body and good fit before grading the sizes in your size range.


I create samples that reflect an accurate representation of the size and fit of the pattern. If a design requires seams and finishes that I cannot do for lack of industrial equipment, I recommend that samples are sewn by your chosen manufacturer. This is also a way of seeing that the manufacturer can produce to your quality standards.