The first name in floating candles.

Handcrafted candles since 1971.
We are the makers of artisan designed, handcrafted candles with the quality and long burn times you won't find anywhere else. All of the candles shown on our web site are made in our small candle factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
Many of our candles are grouped in "collections" for compatible colors or fragrances for gifts and home decor. The fall collection includes unscented "spots of color" with 3" round floating candles and 15 hour votives, fall leaf and pumpkin floating candles, cinnamon orange and autumn spice scented pillar, votive candles and highly fragrant wax potpourri.
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We design and make all of our own molds for all of our candles.


Most of our candles are hand poured with skills and techniques that allow us to produce medium to high volume on all designs. We have two semi-automated pouring machines capable of pouring high volume on votives and round floating candles. They can be adapted to other candle designs as well.