With over 18 years of Apparel Industry experience, from designing a logo to ordering pallets of custom made clothing for your drop ship business, we can supply all of your products and services to help grow your clothing brand or small business.


From reviewing art, TP's and product details, suggesting like quality of print or fabric choses to informing of an additional detail that may help with the sale of the product. Often times a second eye or simply knowing the capabilities of each factory will be useful in development and production stages with areas of saving money to adding elements that could improve selling points of an item.


Work directly with pattern maker to adjust the fit in real time and work out all of the small details that can improve the cut of each style.


Both. Product, Material Sourcing


Yes. For custom garment ordering, samples are mandatory and approvals are needs before production. Garment TP or sample of pre-existing style(s) need to be received.


Consultation, Purchasing and Installation.


Yes. With factory connections throughout the globe, volume production is where we thrive. From small orders domestic to mass orders US or overseas, orders can be produced at any volume.