We make premium clothing with care at a great price.

The Aviator Clothing Factory is located in Huntington Park, just south of Downtown Los Angeles. We are set up to do full package or just cut and sew. We work with many of todays best brands who want to keep things "made in the USA."

We can do small (200 units per style) or large productions and are completely transparent with our customers. We are an honest company giving you fair prices, top quality, and deliver on time. You can feel confident that we will manage your production so you don't have to.

PRODUCTS: Knits (jersey, fleece, french-terry) Wovens,... (more)


Yes, we can help refine your product. If you have a product that you need to be fixed before going back into production, we can make any adjustments needed to improve your product.


Yes, our pattern maker is available to help when needed. We can also do all of your grading and print your markers.


We can help you source all your materials and trims. We are already working with the best suppliers and mills so you will have the best available options. We can even have custom fabric made for you.


We can make samples of your product. Also, you will always receive a pre-production sample for your approval before we run your production.


We will go over your tech pack, cutting tickets, and purchase orders in detail before starting any sample or production.


We can handle production sizes from as small as 300 units to thousands per month.