Contract Manufacturing Done Right

Avid Filling LLC is a turn key service that can turn your ideas into real products. We handle the entire process from concept all the way through the final packaged product.

Services Offered:
-CAD/3D Rendering
-Custom Parts & Mold Making
-Custom Assembly Line Machines
-Filling & Sealing
-Custom Product Assembly

We follow ISO 9001 GMP standards and FDA manufacturing and packaging guidelines wherever applicable. We pride ourselves on providing reasonably priced, precision domestic contract manufacturing and assembly.

Avid Filling LLC will be open to take on new contracts in March 2016.


We can help our customers take and idea for a custom product to the next level. Our engineering staff can create drawings to turn these ideas into a tangible prototype in just about any material. We provide unlimited revisions and quick turnarounds so your idea gets off the ground as quickly as possible.


We can create custom 3D printed prototypes from your design in just about any material available. We also do machined prototypes in acrylic and aluminum. The 3D printed prototypes we provide are a much higher quality than home 3D printers can produce.


We can take any product made using our engineering and prototyping process to create a custom plastic injection mold or just about any other custom tool you would need to start mass producing your products. In addition to tools, our company can also build customized assembly line equipment like assembly line belts, labelling equipment, filling equipment, capping equipment, sorting equipment, or just about any other custom piece of equipment you would need to set up your line. We pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices and guarantee the end tool will meet all of your expectations.


We can mass produce just about anything that requires a liquid or powder product to be filled. If it's in a bottle or jar, we can fill it and seal it. If your product requires assembly prior to packaging that is unrelated to filling, we can take jobs on a case by case basis. We also provide packaging services. We can design custom packaging for your product as well as packaging the product for you. This includes any custom labelling or tagging.