Design Consultation, Pattern Making & Development

Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker, Technical Designer

Work with clients, to create garments encompassing their vision, from idea stage to production.

Graphic Design, High End Photo Retouching

Build web & print advertisements, line sheets and look books for clients including editing and retouching photos.


If a client needs assistance in the development of an idea, we can work together to brainstorm and refine existing idea until we create what the client envisioned. This can be done with as little as a reference photo which we can then use to sketch out ideas for the client. Once ideas are approved, we can create a technical sketch, technical package and/or flat pattern. We can additionally conduct research and source ideas for garments/collections, which will be used in development of sketching and development.


Work with companies to develop first pattern. This can be done through a basic sketch, and company fit measurements, a spec, an existing garment or a technical sketch and fit measurements. Clients can request the creation a first mockup of style (recommended), also known as a 'dummy' or 'muslin'. This is cut in muslin or an inexpensive cotton fabric. This is an additional service, but will insure the client's pattern is 'proven'. If any issues are detected in the sewing of the mockup, they will be adjusted on the pattern and a new mockup will be cut for the client at no additional charge. The mockup is a rough unfinished garment, cut to insure that the notches match up and the pieces fit together seamlessly. This can be used to fit, though the client must keep in mind that the fit may change when cut in production fabric (all fabrics react differently to steam, pressing, etc) Can additionally work with client's fit notes to adjust pattern for production. It is recommended that after each change in pattern, a sample is made Pre-Production to ensure there are no issues in production stage.


We will provide mockup materials, including muslin & cotton spandex and patterning materials. This will be calculated and added to the charge. Any additional materials should be provided by client.