Seattle based machine shop putting manufacturing capabilities into the hands of today's innovators and creators.

Founded in early 2015 on the outskirts of Boston, MA, Bahre Metal Machine LLC picked up and moved shop to Seattle, WA to be part of the growing art scene and tech industry, as well as to support the global movement towards sustainability.
We aim to make the manufacturing process as simple as possible â€" all you need is an idea.

High quality, tight tolerance parts are what we specialize in. Whenever you receive a part from our shop you can expect a solid, reliable and well-made product.

As close to instant as you can get in the industry. Because... (more)


Prototyping and one-off parts are A-okay! Products can be machined and refined throughout the process to improve machinability on future runs.


Tooling selection and production strategy is all handled on our end, leaving you room to only focus on the fun stuff. Making!


Your product can be made over and over again by simply repeating the refined process discovered through the prototyping phase. Using batch processes rather than making one part, your parts will be flying off the machine faster than you can say "I need more parts!".