Helping Jewelry designers get quality pricing, production and delivery.

Let Baner Enterprise take care of all of your jewelry production needs. We’ll take your dream from a paper and pencil idea to a finish model ready for production. I have a network of 150+ jewelry professionals which allows me to get you quality pricing, production and delivery. My process includes working with large firms, small shops, and many independent jewelers to get you the right fit for your masterpiece.


Your designs start out as a concept, idea, mission, or dream; but Baner Enterprise can make that all a reality. I have a strong network of designers using the very best and newest technology to make your dream into a completed sample. Let us at Baner Enterprises take your masterpiece and make it a reality.


Your sample is the template that will be used to make all of your production needs possible. We here at Baner Enterprise can make your sample is production ready. We have years of experience with production, so let us put that experience to work for you.


While in production, our master craftsmen put the pieces and parts of your masterpieces together. Our craftsmen will use the tools of trade to take your solitary design to mass production. Bring to life your unique ideas. Although your production will never be 100% exact replica of your sample because the variation of the hands of the jeweler, casting process (shrinkage and etc.), different plating tanks, or other less important reasons, the big idea of your sample will still be intact.


Your production is where it all comes together. You may need for 2 pieces or 1000 pieces; this is where Baner Enterprise shines. I use my network to find you the quality price, and the delivery that you deserve. Let us take care of all of your jewelry needs.