Affordable boats and watercraft including the SolarSkiff...which NEVER needs gas!

Betta Boats LLC has a patent pending for an affordable boat & watercraft construction technique where solid blocks of styrene foam are shaped and then a plastic skin is glued to the foam. The foam gives shape to the boat and support for the plastic skin, and the plastic skin protects the foam.

Betta Boats has developed the SolarSkiff using this technique...a line of all solar electric boats that NEVER need gas! A line of sailboats is also being developed.

The construction technique also lends itself to floating docks, buoys and other marine applications. The construction technique easily... (more)


We counsel as to what our manufacturing process can and cannot accommodate, options for solving attachment and rigging details, etc. We are designers ourselves, so we communicate well with other designers.


We can make patterns, tools, and jigs that can assist the manufacturing process.


We stock materials essential for boat hull construction and can source materials for other boat elements.


Yes. Our techniques allow for rapid prototyping that can result in full size prototypes in a few weeks and not months.


We understand the tooling required for our process, and can develop production steps and process design.


Yes, we can gear up for specific projects and train staff to produce at scale with quality control.