Modern Design, Twisted

We combine unexpected materials and technology in order to help you create fresh, functional home furnishings that capture the imagination...


We work with Artist/Designers to bring their product ideas to life by paying close attention to our ability to produce multiples of the item at a production cost low enough that it can be sold at a price (both retail AND wholesale) high enough to make the Artist/Designer happy.


We work with Artists/Designers to find the perfect materials, basic and/or exotic, for their project.


Yes, we create samples and small runs of product.


We can assist in the creation and use of templates and jigs that will enable the Artist/Designer to produce both large and small amounts of product, depending on the current demand of their product.


We do have the ability to produce product in large amounts. It depends on the size/shape/materials needed to produce at the level needed. We can find a way!