8 Resources for Made in America Products

The made in America movement is growing! We have carefully put together a list of 8 online blogs and websites that support the cause, and help you find brands, products and independent designers dedicated to making items in the USA. From apparel to furniture and appliances, these websites can guide you in supporting American made products and help bring ‘Made in America’ back.


Made Collection

made collection on Makers Row Blog

Made Collection is a website that makes it easy for consumers to find collections of American made products.  The site offers products at a discounted price for a limited time.  They carefully curate their collection.



American Made Matters

American Made Matters on Makers Row

American Made Matters aims to educate consumers on the importance of buying US-made products.  They have a list of American products under their ‘Choose American’ tab.  They want their readers to see the positive effects buying American made products can have on the economy.



A Continuous Lean

A Continuous Lean on the Maker's Row Blog

Under ‘The American List’  you can find a long list of brands and designers that make all their products in America.  A Continuous Lean targets a crowd who can appreciate independent brands.




Save the Garment Center

Save the Garment Center on Makers Row Blog

Save the Garment Center is on a mission to preserve New York CIty’s garment district and help keep New York City the fashion capital of the World. Under their ‘Made in USA’ tab they have a list of trendy fashion designers that are all made in the USA.



American Station

American Station on Makers Row blog

American Station shows people that quality goods are produced here in America.  Helping the economy and creating more jobs, American station spreads the word on buying American made products.  They feature products under different categories, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  They even have a deals section where you can buy American made products at a discounted price.

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Haute Americana

Haute Americana on Makers Row Blog

Haute Americana is a blog that delivers stylish and original American made goods.  They take trendy looks, and show readers how to reach that style while still buying American made products.




USA Love List

USA love list on Makers Row

USA Love list tells you about the best Made in USA products, makes it easy for you to find them, and encourages you to ask for them when you are out shopping.




Made in USA Challenge

Made in USA Challenge is a blog written by a mom who lives outside of Philadelphia, PA.  She features goods made in America that are eco-friendly, safe, and ethically made.