Meet Amplifier Inc: prints on shirts, mugs and more

“We add as much detail as possible to delight that audience” – Joel

Amplifier Inc. (based in Texas) visited the Maker’s Row office in New York! It was great to meet the brains behind Ampilfier, and to understand further what they are all about.

We spoke with Jud, Joel and Jef, the co-founders of the company. Most of their clients are e-commerce sites, communities that market directly to their audience and fans.

They produce premium products using a broad range of techniques, including Screen Printing, Direct-To-Garment Apparel Printing, Dye Sublimation, Print-on-Demand Digital Printing, and more. They can produce and ship directly to end customers, as well as vendor-compliant bulk units into traditional retail channels.

Here is a brief Q &A:

How did Amplifier start?

We grew out of Despair, Inc., a humor publisher of demotivational products. They took-off online, and wanted to deliver a new kind of experience. We saw Despair as an example of what the future would hold, delivering products directly to customers with an experience consistent with the product itself. The Amplifier name defines our mission — help our clients increase volume while boosting their signal across this new medium of exchange.

Can you give me a brief overview of your services?

1. Bulk production: we print on apparel, totebags, ceramic mugs (minimum 100pcs)

2. Fulfillment: Clients can send us merchandise from anywhere in the world, and we will store those and handle fulfillment, both direct to customer and shipping to retail (e.g. Wal-mart, Target, Hot Topic)

3. On-demand production: wall calendars, laptop skins, mugs, mousepads, prints, greeting cards, and t-shirts; on-demand, which means they can also be personalized, for example via the Merchify app on Shopify

Check out their Maker’s Row profile for more info and images!

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