Weekly Roundup: American Manufacturing in the News

Here our some of our favorite news clips from the past week concerning American manufacturing:

“But step back and you’ll see a bright spot, perhaps the best economic news the U.S. has witnessed since the rise of Silicon Valley: Made in the USA is making a comeback.”

How ‘Made in the USA’ is Making a Comeback

Time, Business & Money, 4.11.13

“Small and midsize manufacturers accounted for a third of U.S. export value.”

The Case for Making Small U.S. Manufacturers a Priority

Bloomberg Businessweek, 4.9.13

“The Assess Costs Everywhere (ACE) tool outlines the wide range of costs and risks associated with offshore production”

ACE Tool Helps U.S. Businesses Fully Assess the Advantages of Manufacturing and Sourcing In America

United States Department of Congress, 4.9.13

“For the first time in more than a decade, the U.S. is actually out-pacing other countries in manufacturing jobs.”

American manufacturing: Growing–and changing for the better

MSNBC, 4.11.13

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