Factory Friday: Made by Wood

Paul is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and has been there for the last 12 years.  He’s the owner of Made by Wood, a one man shop that crafts both individual pieces and larger product lines.

When we asked Paul what he did before woodworking, we were surprised to hear that he is a former motorcycle racer. Paul said he became a woodworker in order to transition to a “less dangerous profession.”

Maker's Row Factory Visit Made by Wood

Paul built his business by vetting many clients over the years and spending the time to establish lasting relationships. He is also very focused in the fundamental design elements of all work he produces. He notes that much of his inspiration is attributed to the history and architecture of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


We caught him in the middle of a project for a modular table fit for a NYC apartment.

Paul sources all materials himself and much of his wood is salvaged nearby. He even has a concrete-making machine in his studio for prototypes and moldings in-house.

Maker's Row Factory Visit Made by Wood

Paul’s process with clients is very thorough and collaborative. Architects and designers reach out to him with a vision and a few drawings. Paul provides feedback on the idea, reworks the drawings and after a few iterations, he provides a quote.

Maker's Row Factory Visit Made by Wood

A timeline and contract are drawn up, the woodworking begins and the idea comes to full fruition, like this beautiful lamp below!



If you want to learn about working with Paul to create a furniture line of your own check out: makersrow.com/made-by-wood

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