10 of the Quirkiest Airbnb Destinations in America

Not ready to end your long weekend yet? We’re definitely not done with our dreams of vacations and staycations. Whether you’re looking for city, surf, deserts or trails, the fifty states are never short on options for creative adventurers with incurable wanderlust. And, of course, there are few better ways to experience a new town than to live like a local: an experience that Airbnb now affords anyone with an internet connection. Read ahead for some of our favorite picks.


Off Grid itHouse

City: Pioneertown, California

This architectural gem is perfect for writers, design aficionados, green-seekers or just anybody needing a secluded getaway. The Off-grid itHouse is one of 10 IT Houses built in California.

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage

City: Captain Hook, HI

This hidden jewel located at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii is nestled under large ficus tree located in the peaceful Hawaiian Napoopoo VIillage.


Vintage Trailer Loft

City: Los Angeles, CA

The Vintage Trailer is an artist loft that was converted from a 1918 factory. The vast interior space inspires productivity and creativity with workstations, building areas, art material shelves.


Hilltop Dome Cave

City: Los Angeles, CA

The Hilltop Dome is an artist’s home. Since 1999, it’s been a significant site for art-making and sharing. The dramatic architecture spans three different levels of a huge skylight cave, featuring woodsy living interiors and topped by a geodesic dome.


Bywater Hippie Bus

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City: New Orleans, LA

The next time you’re visiting New Orleans, you have to stay at the Bywater-Hippie Bus – it’ll make your stay even more amazing. The super-sized bus was originally used by a post-Katrina recovery worker to travel from the North to New Orleans to help in the recovery efforts.


“A Frame” Rustic Off-Grid Cabin

City: Gasquet, CA

If you’re looking for a unique creative experience in a beautiful natural area and would like to experience life in an off-grid, this sustainable eco-village in the remote wilderness is perfect.


Artist Mirrored House

City: Pittsburg, PA

The large mirrored house and studio is located in a tranquil suburb. The exterior of the house is covered with mirrors and the interior carries out the mirror theme and includes many original artworks and furnishing.


Tile House

City: Twentynine Palms, CA

The Tile House sits in the middle of the vast and open desert, and you’ll barely have to walk two feet to be a part of the wilderness. The house is cradled inside and outside by a mosaic made of Mexican tile, smalti, handmade Perry Hoffman ceramics, tile and fused glass, stained glass and ceramic bric-brac.


Secluded Intown Treehouse

City: Atlanta, GA

Centrally located within the heart of Intown Atlanta, the treehouse is a hidden gem set amongst lush greenery. Each room is beautifully furnished with antiques and natural artifacts, with the sounds of nature around you.


Chelsea Studio

City: New York, NY

Chelsea is in the center of Manhattan and is a hub for culinary and cultural delights. This Chelsea apartment is brightly colored and peppered with pop art.

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What are some of the quirkiest AirBnB destinations you’ve visited in America? Tweet us your experiences @Makersrow or let us know in the comments below.

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