100 Under $50 American Made Designs

Thought you had to fork out for Made in America? Think again. Here’s proof that buying the good stuff doesn’t have to see you selling your firstborn. Shop the 100 under $50 collection now

Plant Water Feeder by Michiko Shimada


Apartment living has its perks, but tending to a garden isn’t always one of them. Buck the trend with Michiko Shimada’s plant water feeder – it comes in cat, squirrel, and house shapes, each one steadily releasing water as needed.

Nostalgia Photo Bar by Yield Design


Display your favorite memories next to each other with Yield’s elegant Nostalgia Photo Bar. Magnets hold your photos in place, and the copper-plated steel bar matches most decor.

The Melanie Pocket Square by Pocket Square Clothing


The devil is in the detail, and anyone rocking this bright accent should be prepared to look devilishly handsome. Made in California, it’s classic PSC: bold, fun and sophisticated.

Sidecar Planter by Revolution Design House


If simple, impactful pieces are how you like to decorate your home, look no further than Revolution Design House’s Sidecar Planter. Crafted from walnut and featuring a single blue side, the geometric piece is ideal for placing your succulents and air plants at a height.

Lift Trivet by Fruitsuper Design


Give your dinner table minimalist elegance (and shield it from heat!) with Fruitsuper Design’s Lift Trivet. Made from uncoated brass, the color will enrich over time. Or, if you prefer to retain the original shade, just use a polishing compound to restore.

Ready to shop these, and another 95 American Made products under $50? The General Store by Maker’s Row is waiting for you. 

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