Furnishings Fit For Fall

Out with the old, and in the with the new. We love spring cleaning (yes, even in fall), especially when we’re working with intricate woven detail, warm woods and quirky details.

A-Frame 3-Tier Shelving Unit, Yield Design


Your books and knickknacks have never looked better. From Florida faves Yield Design, the A-Frame shelving unit is classic, warm and easy to assemble.

Tiered Indoor Stoop, Thing Industries


Seating and storage? Yep, the Tiered Indoor Stoop is kind of a lifesaver. Soft-close drawers with peg board exteriors are layered in staggered sequence – meaning you can use the upper surfaces to display your favorite items, or just take a seat.

The Coleman Stool, Greta de Parry


Off-center design meets functional balance in Greta de Parry’s Coleman Stool. Choose between concrete or wood seating to complement your decor!

St. Charles Vanity, VOLK


Idiosyncratic features give the St. Charles Vanity heapings of personality. The one that stopped us in our tracks? The corkboard ‘reflection’ built into the surface.

Fireside Stool, Peg Woodworking


We’re completely in awe of the work that went into this stunning piece. Combining hand-cut joinery with hand-woven cotton, it’s a true labor of love that also happens to look beautiful in your home.

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