#IAmAmericanMade: Introducing The General Store by Maker’s Row

Since 2012, we’ve had the honor of working with more than 80,000 brands and 7,500 factories in the United States – proving that American manufacturing is here to stay. Today, we’re excited to launch The General Store by Maker’s Row, your destination for domestically produced apparel, furniture and gadgets. Thoughtfully curated, The General Store is a testament to the talent and capabilities of American workers and designers.

To celebrate all that Made in America represents, join us in sharing your #IAmAmericanMade story on Twitter. We’re curating our favorite images at iamamericanmade.co – take a look!

As we open our doors, we’d like you to meet five of our inaugural brands, each taking a fresh look at modern Made in America:


Launching with Project Safari, Brooklyn-based design house Bronsen is putting the spotlight on statement sculpture. Geometric simplicity meets playful monochrome for affordable, unforgettable pieces that never fail to spark reactions and connect with every observer.  


St. Ash of Brooklyn

Drawing inspiration from the hustle and energy of Brooklyn, New York, the crew at St. Ash dreamed up their own patron saint of the borough. St. Ash – or Stash, if you’re getting comfortable – is a labor of love by artists, makers and designers, dedicated to creating bold, innovative menswear made in the heart of the Garment District.


Noble Goods

Getting started as a handcrafted operation in a Greenpoint basement, Noble Goods is what happens when a stylist and a sculptor join forces to design and build carefully considered homewares. From small goods to large furnishings, each piece is crafted with environmentally-friendly resins and locally salvaged wood. Noble, indeed.

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Ditto House

Founded by textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick, DittoHouse exclusively uses recycled fibers – a process that allows her to produce Ditto’s wares sustainably and economically. Sidestepping dyeing, farming, and waste production, Ditto’s bright linens are very easy to snuggle up to.


Alex Crane

Unisex basics get a utilitarian spin at the hands of Alex Crane, a designer who’s well-versed in modern contradictions. When the lines of work and play are blurred, it’s Crane’s soft linens you want to be draped in. Based in Brooklyn by way of San Francisco and Rhode Island, staple shirts, shorts and caps are Crane’s laidback MO.  


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.49.54 AM

This is modern Made in America: