DIY Gin + A Cocktail Recipe!

As the air starts to cool and the leaves start to crisp, we’re getting ready to settle in with cockle-warming fall libations. No, not the pumpkin spice latte – something a little more grown up, with enough smokiness and heart to help us embrace the changing weather.

Enter: W&P, purveyors of creative drinking accoutrements. Their homemade gin and barrel-aged spirit kits are DIY gems, letting you infuse vodka or grain alcohol with high-quality ingredients to give your base spirits a personal touch.


Josh Williams and Eric Prum (the ‘W’ and ‘P’ behind W&P) met as college roomies at UVA, where the idea for their signature Mason Shaker emerged from a lack of supplies, resulting in a mason jar standing in for a cocktail shaker. Now, several years later, their evolved invention can be found on the chicest shelves, ready to shake and strain your cocktails just as you like them.



To welcome the new season, they’ve even thrown a favorite recipe our way. The Campfire Sour is three parts whisky, 1 ½ parts lemon juice, and entirely delicious.


The Campfire Sour

Makes two cocktails

  • • 3 shots rye whiskey
  • • 1 & 1/2 shots fresh lemon juice
  • • 3/4 shot maple syrup
  • • 1 sprig rosemary (plus 2 for garnish)
  • 1) Add rye whiskey, lemon juice and maple syrup to the Mason Shaker.
  • 2) Light sprig of rosemary on fire and add to the shaker. Cap and seal shaker and let stand for 30 seconds so mixture can infuse with smoke.
  • 3) Add ice and shake for 15 seconds.
  • 5) Strain over large cubes of ice. Garnish with remaining rosemary.
  • 6) Enjoy!
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