Making Digital Fabric Printing Accessible

Ever since 2012, Maker’s Row has been committed to making manufacturing more accessible to brands. Being close to production of their product, entrepreneurs are able to monitor quality and develop relationships with manufacturers.

Many factories, like Software Studios, also see the value in inviting brands close to the making process. Manufacturers are able to build trust with brands and allow entrepreneurs to see the impact of their product beyond sales.

Being Close to Your Work

Contacting Factories

Contact Software Studios through Maker’s Row! We also have nearly 10,000 other factories in apparel, accessories, furniture, packaging, and more to choose from!

Are you production-ready?

Make sure your project is production-ready before you contact factories.  make sure your details are in order!  Signup for a free Maker’s Row account and start a project.  We will walk you through the details of creating a product.

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For Those Just Getting Started

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