8 Must Follow Home Decor Pinterests

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Inspiration boards have always been a tool in an artist’s arsenal but it wasn’t until Pinterest came along that those inspiration boards became a part of the daily lives of many people around the world. With everything from recipes, DIY projects, fashion, makeup and art, Pinterest has something for you. I didn’t discover Pinterest until a few years ago when I was designing my first apartment and found the incredible home decor and interior design accounts that have been inspiring me ever since. We can all use a little inspiration sometimes! To help you get inspired for your next home project, we’ve gathered our favorite Pinterest accounts and our favorite boards from each.

Ben Uyeda

Ben Uyeda is the Design Director of HomeMade-Modern and has an incredible Pinterest. Our favorite board was the Rustic Modern, a cool mix of modern lines and industrial colors with a rustic charm.

Rustic Modern home design pinterest

Moorea Seal

If you don’t already follow Moorea Seal, do yourself a favor and go right now! Not only do they offer beautiful accessories and decor, but they are globally and locally conscious about it too! Their Pinterest has a self proclaimed aesthetic of “fresh, chic, and sleek approach to modern women’s accessories and decor with a touch of rustic sensibility.” Their Workspaces board is the definition of #workgoals and #deskenvy.

home design pinterest

Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed is a blogger, photographer and entrepreneur that loves all things home and that’s reflected in the beauty of her boards! With a mixture of her original projects and her personal taste, you can find incredible inspiration for your home. We found plenty of inspiration on her board “|CLEVER-spiration| …because people are smart and there’s a lot I can learn.”

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home design pinterest

Amanda Holstein

The Millennial generation gets a lot of slack in the media these days, but we did create Pinterest so we can’t be so bad right? Amanda Holstein is an advice columnist and beauty lover with an account that you can find anything from beauty to fashion to home decor. The trifecta! Her Living | Hone Textiles board is perfect for anyone looking to add something new and different to their home.

Home Textiles

Design Sponge

Design Sponge is one of the most visited sites on my computer and their Pinterest account is equally as amazing! Design Sponge never fails to inspire my home, meals and life. The millennial Martha Stewart Living as dubbed by the New York Times, Design Sponge has everything you need to make your house a home. We especially love their DIY board, filled with ideas that are easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet!

home design pinterest

Desert Domicile

A thrifter, DIYer and desert dweller, this account is the perfect place to find inspiration to decorate your home on a budget in almost any style! The Entryways board is an amazing place to find inspiration for the first thing everyone sees when they walk in your home!


Lovely Clusters

Rachel, of Lovely Clusters, is a designer and lover of beauty and her Pinterest account is a beautiful reflection of that. What more could you want from a Pinterest Inspiration Board than a board about inspiration? As much as I love Pinterest, I still have a board in my home and got a lot of my inspiration for it here!

home design pinterest


We love Pinterest here at homeyou! Our team loves to take time out of our days and get inspired by the beautiful things in the world that help make our homes beautiful. Let us help you get the home of your dreams!

homeyou pinterest

Find the inspiration for your dream home! Pinterest is the perfect way to daydream and design the home and life you’ve always wanted. We hope that with these recommendations, you can make it happen!

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