The Checklist for SOURCING at MAGIC Fall 2016

Every year, we team up with SOURCING at MAGIC to give designers and entrepreneurs exposure to American factories and suppliers.  We love representing #MadeinAmerica as well as introducing attendants to new possibilities in manufacturing and business. During the conference we get the pleasure of highlighting the top US manufacturers, answer any sourcing questions you might have, and talk trends in the industry.

Last year, Maker’s Row launched the Made in USA Row with US based manufacturers represented! The Made in USA Row will return for the Fall 2016 conference, as well as our  Maker’s Row booth.  This year we will also be hosting 3 panels  touching on a variety topics from small batch production to international distribution.

The Details About SOURCING AT MAGIC:

 When: August 14-17, 2016
Where: North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, NV
Registration for MAGIC: Here

Before The Event

Proper preparation is essential to not getting overwhelmed and enjoying your time at MAGIC.

  • Comfortable Shoes: Trade shows typically mean lots of time on your feet regardless of whether you’re a brand or a buyer.
  • Airy, lightweight fabrics: Given that you’re in the middle of the desert during summertime, the weather will likely deviate from what you’re used to this time of year.
  • Transitional fall jacket: Because of the hot, dry climate most shows will dial up the cooling mechanisms.
  • Totes or backpacks: Keep it light with plenty of space for stashing any paperwork that comes up over the course of the show.
  • Portable Phone Charger: This is a must.

Making the Most of Your Time

It’s Game Time. Be strategic about your time and conversations.magic ready

  • Make a Plan: Review attendants + schedule of events. Create a framework for what you want to see and do each day.
  • Research: If you are looking for a specific company to connect with, make sure to do your research. Know about their company history, vision, mission, CEO, etc.
  • Flexibility: Also remember that flexibility is key as events can be added, altered or canceled.
  • Business Cards: You never know who you’ll speak to, and how you can help each other out.
  • Opener and Hook: Decide what your opener and “hook” will be.  How will you be different than the other companies in attendance?  How will you spark their interest in order to exchange contacts?
  • Brand parties: Don’t miss these events as an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships.
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Strong Event Follow-up

The event is over, but the work continues. Reach out to your strongest contacts.

  • Buyers: If you have a buyer interested in placing a order, send out a brief personalized email. Be sure to include a lookbook, your cutoff date to make your orders, and exclusive offers.
  • Community (other brands):  Follow up with potential collaborators that you met. You might need these references in the future to use as a reference check with brands from your community, exploring other manufacturers, or challenges you might be having.
  • Industry Experts: This group come with experience in varied fields: social media, sourcing, production, sales, marketing, branding, trend forecasting, web, and more. Reach out to them when you are ready or even as a resource to share with your community.

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