The Community + Vision That Make Up Maker’s Row

Each week Latina Magazine showcases a Latina who has been helping propel change within our community as a part of their Renegade Warrior series. Recently, Maker’s Row co-founder and CMO Tanya Menendez, was featured for her innovative, game-changing start-up that focuses on connecting manufacturers and brands as seamless as possible, so they could bring their projects to life.

‘I met Matthew at a concert in Brooklyn. That was the first time I met an entrepreneur my age that was just doing his thing. He started a watch company where he was designing them and producing them in China. I visited a factory with him, and that’s when I fell in love with the business.’

‘The response [to Tanya and Matthew] was really warm because a lot of people in the factories were people of color also. I could speak Spanish to a lot of the factory owners and factory workers. That was really helpful, we spent hours really knocking on doors and going to these factories. We got this core group of factories that really became our advocates.’


‘We launched the site with 1,000 factories. It was the initial 20 factories that helped us scale it out. That was really exciting for us, just seeing the network effects of the factories and how they really got motivated to help bring manufacturing back and help other factories get online.’

‘I really want Maker’s Row to be the Alibaba of the West. Alibaba democratized Chinese manufacturing. We are democratizing American manufacturing. So I want every single American factory to be on the platform. I want anyone who has an idea to produce a product, to be able to easily find that manufacturer online. Create a prototype, create a small batch, and then be able to produce and create a scalable business in America…. I want everything to be produced on Maker’s Row and in America.’

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Want to Produce Your Product in America?

Maker’s Row has over 10,000 U.S. factories that are ready to start working with you. Organize your ideas through our free Projects’ software or start messaging factories directly.

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