Maker’s Row Introduces Consultations

25% of Americans who want to start a business never do because they’re not sure what the first step is. That’s why today, Maker’s Row is launching Consultations. With Maker’s Row Consultations, beginners, small and medium-sized brands, and veteran producers can book a consultation call with vetted industry experts ranging in industries from apparel to furniture to jewelry and more!

These consultations will not only help business owners start the product process, it will help them start the process the right way.

How It Works

Choose From A Curated List of Vetted Factories

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To become a consulting factory on Maker’s Row, factories must go through a vetting process that only allows the best and most qualified consultants through. This allows brands and entrepreneurs to receive the highest quality advice in the country. Detailed cards will help entrepreneurs pick the right consulting factory for them with information like their years of experience and what they specialize in.

The consultants on the platform have decades of experience helping brands through the production process. You can learn more about our consultants through their factory profile.

Let Factories Know Exactly What You Need Help With

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When you request a consultation, you will have the option to attach your Maker’s Row Project or fill out a form that clearly outlines what you need help with:

  • What are you making?
  • What do you need help with?
  • Availability
  • Your experience level

The factory you pick will receive a copy of this information so they can prepare and give you the most out of your call.

Pay Securely Through Maker’s Row

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Reserving your time with a consultant is quick, easy, and secure. Paying the factory to reserve a block of time is secured by Stripe, so you can rest assure that your information is safe. However, Maker’s Row and the factory have the ability to refund in the case that the call does not occur or if you are dissatisfied.

Schedule Your Consultation

Set a date and time with the factory and have your call! The factory will have the information that you filled out when you first requested the call. If you want to consult them again, you can simply book again.

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