Most Popular Industries on Maker’s Row


Everyday, thousands of people visit Maker’s Row looking to produce an item in the United States. Our priority is helping those people connect with the right factory, with ease. So, we dug into our analytics and looked at the most popular searches, items made, and most popular factories.


Maker’s Row started as a solution to an accessories production problem. It’s no wonder almost 900 accessories factories can be found on our platform. From belts to socks, there is no limit to what type of accessories you can produce.


There has been a fast rise in athleisure and active wear. From high-end brands like Burberry and Chanel, to household names like Nike and Victoria secret are embracing the demand for fashionable, smart performance wear.


Leather handbags are among the most popular search, serviced, and made on Maker’s Row. However, you can find a number of factories that will use other materials as canvas, cordura, or even wood to make any bag you design.



At Maker’s Row we have seen entrepreneurs target niche markets in order to offer a more customized product. One example is PantyProp, one of our top intimates brands on Maker’s Row leading in the “period panty space” and producing locally in NYC.

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Whether denim, corduroy, or linen…as a skirt, shorts, or pants….you will be able to find the right factory that specializes in your product needs.


These factories are great for product development, sample production, and first runs for your next shoe collection.



Starting a children’s wear line takes alot of research and knowledge to insure you’re offering a safe product for kids. Don’t let that discourage you. There are many factories that will consult you and help you along the process.

Tops and Tees

Most of these factories specialize in development, fit, grading, and samples – the essentials to getting the perfect product to your customers.

Printing + Embroidery

These are factories that take your material or product and add some signature touches or designs.

software studios digital fabric printing

Materials + Fabrics

These factories will not only help you get the right materials, but will also help you decide on best fabrics based on desired product function.


Explore expanding your brand by producing coats, blazers, jackets, or sweaters for the cooler seasons.


This past March we launched Jewelry as a industry with the premier of our free Make Your First Jewelry Sample online course. Since then we have partnered with more factories to help entrepreneurs produce their jewelry ideas locally.

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Didn’t see what you were looking for? There are still more industries!