Meet the Factory: The Elite Fashion Group

We spoke with our newest Maker’s Row Preferred Factory, The Elite Fashion Group, to get to know them and introduce them to the Maker’s Row community! Owner Adam Khoda answered some questions about the factory, the many changes they’ve had over the year, and why Made in USA makes sense. Are you a factory and want a feature like this? Become a Maker’s Row Preferred Factory! 

When and how did your factory start?

1995 is when we all started doing private label together, but 2010 is when it was officially formed.

Has your factory gone through any major changes since you started?

Yes, many changes. Our main change has been going from a manufacturing company that was doing 80/20 Import/Domestic manufacturing to 100% USA manufacturing. That has allowed us to start some wonderful programs in our company for fashionistas that want to get into the fashion world. We have started a development and production program for anyone that wants to start their own clothing brand. We realized that today’s clothing designer, whoever they may be, need more consulting and “hand holding” to assure they do not make costly mistakes from the beginning rather than when their project is well on its way. Our Athletic wear and baby /kids divisions have also grown in size.

Also, our Domestic partnership with the bigger retailers has grown tremendously resulting in more production right here in good old Los Angeles, CA

Do you work with beginners? Small businesses?

Yes, we do. From start up all the way up to large volume production.

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What makes your factory unique?

Our company is unique and successful because of our history serving many companies from franchises and merchandising to department stores to discount outlets all across the USA, South America, Canada. We are one of the few production houses that are completely vertical and truly made in USA. We knit our own fabric in Downtown Los Angeles. All work is done in the USA.  We have a very strong fabric and sourcing department along with the strongest and best production team ever assembled.

Why should entrepreneurs make in the U.S?

There are so many reasons. To start off, The client has way more control when it comes to development and production. The main reason to produce in the USA is the fast turnaround and amazing high quality. We do not make “disposable” clothing in America. We make quality and that is what the Elite Fashion group strives for with every project. Perfection.

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