Meet the Consultant: Fashion Angel Warrior

Meet our newest preferred consultant, Fashion Angel Warrior! Get to know how they got started, why they’re unlike any other consultant, and why they believe in Made in USA!

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When and how did your factory start?

We officially started in 2014 after I had started my own line which sold out of its first retail store in less than 2 weeks. It was at that time that a lot of people were coming to me for guidance and support and asking me to help them start their lines. It was in that moment that I realized not only is this a huge need but also that my true calling and passion is coaching and mentoring others.

Has your factory gone through any major changes since you started?

We did go through a major shift in our targeting and focus in the early stages. When we first started the company, our focus was reaching teens and college students who wanted to break into the fashion industry. We helped them with college selection and portfolio creation. After about a year we realized we had more clients who were startups or established brands and the bulk of our business was coming from them. So we switched gears and focused on more of the startup and business coaching.

Do you work with beginners? Small businesses?

We work with both newbie startup designers who have maybe never had any formal fashion training all the way through to more established brands who want more sales and higher margins. We do this through 1 on 1 coaching as well as Workshops, Online Courses and NYC Fashion District Manufacturing Tours. Services include; Finding your actual target customer, building a following and turning them into customers, driving traffic to your online store, how to pitch buyers, creating tech packs, sourcing & negotiating manufacturing, crowdfunding campaigns, costing for profit, navigating production, and more!

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What makes your factory unique?

We are unique in a few ways:

We are one of the few companies left that still do 1 on 1 personal coaching. A lot of coaches and consultants are now only offering online courses and group coaching programs whereas we still offer the option to personally work with us which is proven to be the #1 way to accelerate your business.

We have walked the walk. Our founder has had a successful 15+ career in the industry both as Head Designer and VP of various companies as well as had a very successful launch of her own line which sold out of its first retail store in less than 2 weeks!

Our focus is on design/production and digital marketing. There are a lot of consultants who focus on sales but if you have a horrible product, no store is going to want to buy it. And if you haven’t built a following on social media and a fabulous e-commerce website, no one will be buying from you online either. So our approach is the nail down the design first while at the same time putting together a digital marketing plan so that when you launch, you’ve got people to launch to!

Why should entrepreneurs make in America?

We believe in made in America for many reasons:

We believe in supporting the economy and keeping jobs here. And not just any jobs but good middle-class jobs that are being pushed out more and more.

We believe in minimizing child labor across the globe and supporting human rights of foreign workers.

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We also believe in keeping the NYC Garment District alive. For a long period of time, the NYC Garment District was the center for fashion manufacturing and design in the United States, and even the world; as no other city had a comparable concentration of fashion businesses and talent in a single district. Today that is slowly disintegrating and part of the very reason brands can make their lines in the US is due to having concentrated areas of the various companies needed in order to produce. This is why we host NYC Fashion District Manufacturing Tours in order to bring business back to the Garment Center.

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