Make Instagram Integral to Your E-commerce Strategy with These Tips and Tricks

Instagram has graduated to about 600 million active users per month. Now think of how many users your account or your brand has, and calculate the percentage. We are not trying to make you feel bad. We are trying to show you how much space you have left to grow and that’s a good thing! Up until now, whatever marketing gimmicks you may have tried, were only visible to only a small fraction of Instagram followers. Today, we will show you how to expand your bases so that you can capture the attention of the big players and extend your marketing strategies to their Instagram habits as well.

On Facebook, only about 33% of the users engage with brands and social media influencers. The number is more than double with Instagram users. People love the Insta experience because it is more visual and varied. People on this platform engage eight times more with the content of their respective feeds. This gives the leading brands the golden opportunity to explore this photo blogging app as an avenue to e-commerce.

Instagram offers a competitive market

Unfortunately, Instagram is quite crowded with marketers and entrepreneurs right now. They come in all forms – celebrities, popular brands, photo contests and product offers. Sadly, 70% of your target audience is likely to miss the posts on your feed unless you can specifically draw their attention. It is not enough to buy Instagram likes and followers to boost your sales. You need to add some more effort to the initial follower building activities. Start with building a relationship with your target audience. As your followership grows, you will find it difficult to keep up with the posts, comments, and likes. You need to prioritize, categorize and automate.

Begin with automating the mundane tasks

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The bigger brands ardently believe in batching and automating. They begin content creation and post scheduling with the help of automation. This saves them a lot of time and effort that they can dedicate towards other actions. You need a routine, which will allow you to engage with your followers and potential customers at least for an hour daily. Automating your Instagram activity completely is against use policy. Additionally, you will get some followers, who will not show any interest in your products and services. Keep things human, just automate the more labor-intensive tasks.


Couple great content with undeniable CTAs

Good content and great engagement is the tip of any marketing iceberg. You need to facilitate an easy transition from viewer phase to buyer phase. So get your head out of the vanity metrics and give your followers a gentle nudge towards the bottom of the sales funnel. Start by providing your website like in your bio. You can also include links to your specific products against their photos on your Instagram account. Include Call to Actions (CTAs) across your account, in the bio, and in each description. You can use easy tools to create Instagram friendly links for your feed. Do not forget to create your responsive landing page, since almost all Instagram followers are dedicated, mobile users.

This journey can lead to many ends:

  1. You can send them further down the sales funnel with the help of your e-commerce site.
  2. You can create your email list using your Instagram CTAs.
  3. You can build your dedicated followership, who are both interested in your Instagram posts and your website.
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Don’t forget to link your pages

To make your Instagram feed shoppable, you can choose one of the several latest third-party tools. They can translate almost all your Instagram feed photos and videos to products and services on your website. This is a pretty neat way of utilizing all the resources that are already there. The same brands can also track their progress (of sales) by using the same link. Again, having an attractive and responsive landing page helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Make the followers feel like a part of something bigger

Nothing works better than giving the followers who become prospective buyers a glimpse of the backstage. Show them a couple of behind the scene photos of your products and services. Share content from contests and discussions. User-generated content has always been a huge crowd-puller on Instagram. On top of its other brilliant qualities, they are free. User-generated content is instant, ready to use and always fresh. You can populate whole pages of your e-commerce site using the same.

Moreover, sharing content from user groups makes them feel important. Sharing images of people using your products has the amazing quality of building trust. When your potential users see others show off your products in photos, they feel tempted to try those products as well. You can encourage the process by asking people to share their photos and use specific hashtags to keep the process unified. Several tools can help you keep track of all the posts by using hashtags.

When all fails, give them coupons!

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There is something that works better than personal recommendations – coupons! Honestly, who does not love coupons and special deals on their Instagram feed? You can introduce new products or EOSS with discount coupon codes against subscriptions and sign-ups. Lead people from product offer photos and EOSS photo content straight to fancy yet net landing page. Ask them to sign up in return for an offer they simply cannot refuse. This always works for folks of all ages. Especially millennial users love to shop for brands that make them feel special. You want more people to take notice of your product offers? Just go ahead and make the discount notifications shareable.

People love brands that they can relate to. On Instagram, you cannot stand out by using glamour and technology only. You need a fine blend of strategy, trends, e-commerce acumen and Instagram expertise to perfect your sales tactic.


This post was written by our contributor, Harris Scott. Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional working on ways to buy Instagram likes from real users. His work focuses on strategies to avoid bots and engage real users in brand promotions and sales.